Keynote: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano

In “Art, Advocacy, and Action: Queer Lessons for Sustainable Futures,” Peterson offers a captivating preview into reimagining environmentalism through a queer lens. Leveraging his multifaceted expertise as a performance artist and environmental advocate, he invites us to look beyond individual actions to systemic change. Drawing parallels between the LGBTQ+ rights movement’s strategic use of storytelling, art, and advocacy, Peterson considers how these tactics can inspire a more inclusive and effective approach to sustainability. This talk promises to challenge our perceptions, advocating for a climate justice framework that acknowledges the intersections of identity, including disability, race, class, age, and gender. Peterson suggests that the key to genuine sustainability and justice lies in our collective action and empathy, urging us to consider how we can contribute to a future that honors diversity and equity.

About Peterson:

Peterson is a dynamic and creative performance artist deeply engaged in the intersection of environmental activism and storytelling. Based in rural Central Pennsylvania, he brings a unique perspective to the discourse on climate change, leveraging his expertise to produce compelling radio shows and podcasts. Peterson’s work is not only a call to action but also an invitation to explore the complexities of sustainability through the lens of art and personal narrative.

His commitment to raising awareness and fostering meaningful conversations about environmental issues has made him a sought-after voice in the sustainability community. Peterson’s approach to activism is deeply informed by his personal identity and values, including his faith and experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, enriching his contributions with a diverse and inclusive outlook.